Explore Brazil’s protected islands on land and underwater with Google Street View

Atol das Rocas

After covering the busy cities of Bangladesh, Google’s latest Street View imagery takes users on a journey to Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha and Atol das Rocas islands.

Both UNESCO World Heritage sites boast pristine beaches and stunning cliff views, as well as diverse marine life. Visits are restricted mainly to researchers in small groups.

Buraco de Inferno
Buraco de Inferno

Google’s team used the Trekker, a 15-camera system mounted on a backpack, to capture images on land.

Canal da Sela Ginete
Canal da Sela Ginete

In addition to the golden beaches on these islands, you can also catch a glimpse of spinner dolphins, snapping turtles and varieties of fish native to the region. Check out the highlights gallery to see more.

Mapping Brazilian islands, above ground and under the sea [Google Maps Blog]

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