Dole’s smart banana is the first fitness wearable you can eat

Dole’s smart banana is the first fitness wearable you can eat

Dole Japan has been sponsoring the Tokyo Marathon since 2008 but this year it’s stepped up its game. Two runners among the 30,000 strong pack will be sporting the company’s new wearable banana.

By slipping an LED display and sensors under the banana’s skin, Dole has created a piece of fruit that can monitor the runner’s race time and heart rate as well as showing Twitter messages urging them onwards.

Unsurprisingly, the smart banana will also advise them to consume more bananas at checkpoints along the route.

When the race is done, the wearable banana can be eaten just like any other, though we’re slightly dubious about what effect all that embedded tech will have on the taste.

Wearable Banana [Dole]

Image credit: Dole

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