The Internet’s hilarious reaction to #bendgate

The Internet’s hilarious reaction to #bendgate

It’s been a surprisingly tough week for Apple. Today it released an iOS 8 update that killed cell service and TouchID on some users’ phones and earlier this week video and photos emerged that showed that the iPhone 6 Plus is prone to bending.

It turns out metal bends when exposed to external pressure — like trying to deliberately destroy your phone or parking your butt on it all day.

But whether you care about the physics of the malleability of aluminum (or  alu min ium  as Jony Ive says it) as it pertains to the new iPhone or not, the Internet was more than happy to jump on the #bendgate hashtag with some hilarious mockups. Here are some of our favorites:

Then the brands decided to join the fun. While a shot from LG was expected because it has the LG G Flex phone, it’s clear that Kit Kat won with it’s “We don’t bend, we #break” tweet.

And of course Bender the lovable bending robot from Futurama made an appearance.

Have you seen a hilarious image, tweet or video about #bendgate? Drop it in the comments.

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