Is there any app that deserves to exist more than Pizza Compass?

Is there any app that deserves to exist more than Pizza Compass?

We’ve all been in that situation. It’s late, you’re in the middle of nowhere and all you want – above all else – is a glorious, delicious slice of pizza.

Now, you could download an app like Foursquare or Yelp to take a look at all of the businesses around you and then dive down into the best pizzerias in town, taking precious minutes with long-winded swipes and search queries.

But what if there was an app dedicated to finding pizza. Even better, what if there was a compass that could help you find the nearest slice of pizza in real-time?!

Your prayers have been answered. Pizza Compass is here.


The app, developed by Oak Studios, is self-proclaimed as the “most important app ever made” and you know what, we believe them.

Simply launch the app and a brightly colored pizza slice will point you in the right direction. Even better, smoke will rise from its glorious toppings when you’re nearing your final destination.

A swipe from the bottom will also show a map of all of the nearest pizza parlours so that you, the user, can pick the best restaurant or takeaway in the surrounding area. A quick tap on the slice can also set a new destination so that you’re always in control of your next Pizza Compass experience.


Not sure where to go? Pizza Compass also pulls in user reviews through Foursquare, which you can view at any time simply by tapping the grey arrow on the right-hand side of the homescreen.

So if you’re in the mood for pizza, do it justice with a dedicated app. Do it with Pizza Compass.

➤ Pizza Compass | iOS

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