Kinect hack turns the motion sensing device into a dubstep wub factory

Kinect hack turns the motion sensing device into a dubstep wub factory

The Kinect is a massive, international hit for Microsoft. But more fun than what its creator has cooked up thus far for it to do are the myriad hacks that the market has produced. When Kinect first hit the market, a wave of innovative uses of the contraption were built, and promptly YouTube’d. That same work, albeit at a slower rate, continues.

Microsoft is bringing the Kinect to the Windows platform, a move that may greatly expand its potential.

Seriousness aside, what follows is one of the better uses of the Kinect that we have ever seen. Ladies and gents, I present to you a massive projector shot onto a wall, a Kinect, one dude, and some custom software to turn his moves into dubstep.

Even if you are not a fan of the musical genre, you are going to dig this:

From the creators of the project, here’s their vision behind the film:

We created and designed the live visual spectacle with a music video being produced from the results. We wanted it to be clear that the technology was real and actually being played live. The interface plays a key role in illustrating the idea of the instrument and we designed it to highlight the audio being controlled by the dancer.

Design elements like real time tracking and samples being drawn on as they are played all add to authenticity of the performance. The visuals are all created live and the music video is essentially a real document of the night.

Document of the night indeed. How long until we see this technology in concert?

Top Image Credit: Creative Tools

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