Sony just announced a new Walkman? WTF?

Sony just announced a new Walkman? WTF?

Remember the “Walkman”? I do, it took tapes and it was my best friend in the world. Little did I know, Sony was keeping the line alive. I just got a bit of news in my inbox that made me literally say “WTF?” in the middle of a Peet’s Coffee shop in San Francisco.

Not only did Sony announce a new Walkman, but it runs an Android OS. What kind of weird galaxy do we live in today?

Here are the initial details on the two models:

– F800 series, $269.99 (running Android)
– E470 series, $79.99 (slimmest model in Walkman history at 7 MM thin)

The company has offered to send me a review unit and I will most certainly give this thing a go and let you know what I think.

Both will be available in August, so fire up your respective DeLoreans now.

Today’s Walkman:

My Walkman:

Man, I’m old.

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