Watch this now: Spoof startup Vooza mocks the tech world again in style [Video]

Watch this now: Spoof startup Vooza mocks the tech world again in style [Video]

We love the startup world – but let’s face it, it’s completely ridiculous, right? Luckily, the people at spoof startup Vooza agree.

Following on from their recent hit video ridiculing everything wrong with startups in 2012, they’ve today taken things a step further with this slick production that tells us a bit more about the story behind the myth behind the legend behind the VC funding.

After pivoting several times from their original product, StumbleMonkey (an ‘Airbnb for online dating’ that they ditched because it was illegal), they eventually became…. whatever Vooza is. Funny enough to be true, this is a must-watch for anyone who loves – or loves to hate – startup culture.

Is there a real product behind Vooza? Probably not, but who knows? It would be an excellent launch campaign. I almost don’t want to ask – I’m enjoying it too much. And who cares if it doesn’t make any money – as they said in the original video, “Revenue is a journey, not a destination” – yeah?

In case you missed the original video, here it is:

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