Google loves Apple? The unlikely romance between ‘G-Male’ and Siri [Video]

Google loves Apple? The unlikely romance between ‘G-Male’ and Siri [Video]

Last year, Comediva asked the question, what if Google were in the business of creating custom boyfriends? We got a glimpse of how attentive, sweet and…well, creepy G-Male really is. This year the comedy group has taken the question one step further – what if Google’s G-Male hooked up with Apple’s Siri?

The story is a 21st century version of Romeo and Juliet, with Verona replaced by Silicon Valley. Google’s perfect boyfriend, G-Male meets Apple’s perfect girlfriend, Siri, and sparks fly.

With many a reference to an infamous Hollywood love stories, including Ghost (you know which scene we’re talking about), the video also features quite a few cameo appearances, with AOL, BlackBerry, Yahoo and ‘Hotmale’, all playing their part in the seemingly doomed love story.

Rather than tell you what to expect, check out the video for yourselves below:

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