LaunchRock launches the ultimate startup party campground for SXSW

LaunchRock launches the ultimate startup party campground for SXSW

If you’re a startup looking to go viral… then you’ve very likely heard of LaunchRock, the San Francisco based startup that helps other startups build an audience with alluring, tweet-inducing launch pages.

One year ago, (somewhat ironically) LaunchRock officially launched its viral launching platform, which includes analytical-style insights for its ever-growing list of clientele. While LaunchRock won’t divulge the number of startups using its platform to date (other than a 5-figure range), it’s not just startups anymore: Comedians Demetri Martin and Adam Carolla have jumped on board too.

Now, that LaunchRock has capitalized off the startup craze of the past year, its ready to squeeze the juice out of the extremely ripe and hyped SXSW conference this March. In a savvy move, LaunchRock co-founder and CEO Jameson Detweiler has planned the company’s epic sounding “Rock Austin with LaunchRock” event, which will feature a campground retreat for startups who want to hang out together and get away from the SXSW madness.

At the LaunchRock campground, “there will be music, campfires, drinks, some competitive shenanigans and mostly good times with your fellow LaunchRockers,” says Detweiler. “So, lots of events, big and small, crazy and not so crazy, but the venue is huge.” LaunchRock will have beer-stocked party buses (with startup branding) running between the campground and the downtown activities every 15-30 minutes. Crosswalk is the first official partner for the event; more partners and details will be announced soon.

Want in on the fun? There are two options, both of which include stickers, t-shirts and VIP access to the campgrounds and TourBus. So, are you a hustler or a baller?

Rock Austin with LaunchRock

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