Study claims using Facebook won’t tank your GPA

Study claims using Facebook won’t tank your GPA

We didn’t see this one coming. According to a new study, which was (naturally) turned into an infographic, how much you use Facebook has a small impact on your college GPA, if any at all. According to its findings, a student’s high school GPA is twice as powerful an indicator of how they will perform in college.

The Facebook Effect is as follows: For every extra 1.5 hours of Facebook that you clock on average each day over the normal amount, your GPA will decline by a mere 0.12 points.

The average student uses Facebook 106 minutes a day, or nearly 2 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. I bet you barely make it to 10% of that number on a bad day. Good for you.

The study goes on to say that while it has shown there to be a minor negative correlation between Facebook usage and GPA level, it has not proven causation itself. Therefore, at worst Facebook use is a very minor detriment of one’s GPA, but only perhaps. My hypothesis: People who want to do something other than homework use Facebook as their favorite distraction; if Facebook didn’t exist, they would do something else. In other words, ‘bad students gonna be bad.’

Check the infographic, because you love the color green:


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