Bid to win the ultimate startup package including office hours with Y Combinator

Bid to win the ultimate startup package including office hours with Y Combinator

Have you heard of charitybuzz? Well you should. The for-profit company in NYC raises funds for nonprofits through very cool online auctions with celebrities, influencers and brands. Since its launch in 2005, charitybuzz has raised $50 million.

charitybuzz is taking an interesting go-between angle in the online charity world. The company basically hooks nonprofits up with crazy celebrity experiences and then auctions off those VIP experiences to raise cash. Consumers can feel good about hanging with Cee-Lo backstage knowing that their money went to a charity instead of feeling shallow for just wanting to hang with someone famous.

This holiday season, charitybuzz has partnered with Wired Magazine to raise funds for Higher Awesome Studies, an organization that aims to “spread the Awesome Foundation model throughout the world” by incubating foundations, developing infrastructure, organizing events and igniting creative collaborations. Projects have included efforts in a wide range of areas including technology, arts, social good, etc. And what’s being auctioned off to raise money for Higher Awesome Studies? Some of the most awesome people in the startup world.

Wired, in conjunction with Y Combinator, Zaarly, Hipmunk and Airbnb, has put an exclusive “Smarter Upstarter” experience together including:

  • Office Hours with Y Combinator’s Harj Taggar, Alexis Ohanian, Garry Tan and Jessica Livingston in San Francisco
  • Lunch with a WIRED editor
  • Flight covered by
  • Accommodations covered by
  • $250 worth of Z credits from Zaarly

The proceeds for this auction benefit Institute on Higher Awesome StudiesBidding on the exclusive experience is open through December 19th at charitybuzz. The current bid on the package is $1,900. Office hours with Alexis Ohanian? What are you waiting for!?!

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