Adrenaline Rush: This is BASE jumping at its best

Adrenaline Rush: This is BASE jumping at its best

I stopped cliff jumping at the age of 18 when I realized I had made it this far, and it probably wasn’t worth the risk. Now, I always get that terrible tingle in my feet when I see people doing outrageous things from steep heights.

Watching this video of BASE jumpers in Norway reminds me of the reckless freedom I enjoyed in my misspent youth. It’s liberating, breathtaking and beautifully shot. It’s a music video for the song “Last Walk Around Mirror Lake” by Boom Bip and remixed by Boards of Canada [Spotify Link] made by FroschYankee with scenes from the movie Adrenaline Rush– The Science of Risk.

The film is described as more than a thrilling visual experience: “The film will educate audiences on the psychological and physiological forces that are at play in extreme risk-taking and on the physics involved in skydiving, base-jumping and their related activities.”

The film was shot in Eikesdalen, Norway. Enjoy the music video mashup here:

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