Score a shirt from Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees by helping cute animals

Score a shirt from Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees by helping cute animals

We all know that feeling, right? Getting to our presents on Christmas morning, shaking them up to see if we can’t guess what’s inside, and feeling severely let down every time we’re presented with silly sweaters for the holidays? Or maybe you were the type to really enjoy the hideous-Christmas-sweater tradition? Whatever the case, these tee shirts are sure to stir up the nostalgia.

Riffing on this classic Christmas sweater experience, Switch, a company that helps to “liberate brands” through better marketing and engagement, created its site, Ugly Holiday Sweater Tees (UHST) to help raise money for the Animal Protective Association (APA) of Missouri. Tis the season to be jolly after all, and deck the halls with, uh, teeshirts that look like ugly Christmas sweaters.

For the past three years, Switch has undertaken an annual charitable initiative we affectionately call “Switchmas,” and this year’s efforts continue the tradition. We’re giving thanks by giving back and having a sleigh-load of fun in the process.

Rather than having you pay for a tee shirt like a normal customer, UHST instead wants you to donate the price off that tee to the APA of Missouri. With Switch’s fantastic and free 2-day shipping, any US customer will be able to receive their brand new Christmas-sweater inspired tees within the week.

Want to take a peek at the shirts for yourself? Check out some of our favorites below. Your $20 will go a long way towards both furthering a good cause, and landing you with one sweet (or hideous?) tee shirt for your Christmas wardrobe.

Ugly Holiday Sweater Tees

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