Think Klout is krap? So does Flout

Think Klout is krap? So does Flout

Ask any geek what they think about social influence service Klout, and you’ll probably be met with a different answer from each person. It’ll range from “hey that’s interesting” to “I F#*$&%NG HATE THEM!”.

I personally believe that one company can’t tell you who is the most influential person online, no matter how into data it is, or how smart its algorithms are.

Flout agrees.

If you don’t want another company telling you how influential you are, set your own influencer score with Flout and tweet it out to your friends.

The site is meant to be a joke, and was created by Anoop Ranganath and Pat Nakajima, who apparently don’t find Klout scores to be all that useful.

What’s my Flout score you ask? 199, duh.


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