Toyota live-streams a painted website you can interact with

Toyota live-streams a painted website you can interact with

In a bid to promote its FT-86 II concept car, Toyota has painted a ‘website’ on a wall in Tokyo. And it has links that you can click on to navigate to various sections of the website.

Wait, what?!

Well, it’s a bit disingenuous, because the wall itself isn’t interactive, but the company streams a live video of it via USTREAM to its website and, on the streamed video, you can click on various parts of the wall to navigate around. Clicking on the drawing of a leopard takes you to a video of the animal on YouTube, a small running horse takes you to a horse race and “About FT-86 II Concept” takes you to the concept car’s website.

Here’s our favourite bit: in front of the wall, there are two lights sitting atop a Twitter icon and a Facebook Like button. Every time someone tweets a link to the page from the website or likes it on Facebook, they light up in real time. It’s pretty cool to watch!

Take a look at the behind-the-scenes video below that shows how the wall came into being:

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