OneHelloWorld is creating an album of voicemails set to music

OneHelloWorld is creating an album of voicemails set to music

Kickstarter is a constant source of inspiration, allowing us not only to witness all of the incredible creativity around us, but to become a direct part of it ourselves with our contributions.

An interesting new project looking for funding on Kickstarter comes courtesy of a site that has been around for a while. OneHelloWorld, which has been described as “Postsecret for your ears” or a “soundtrack for your thoughts”, allows users to leave voicemail messages which are later posted on the site, accompanied by music composed specifically for the message.

The recordings, which have been received from all over the world, are a fascinating study of humanity on so many different levels. The combination of the human voice and music makes for a powerful piece of art, and the best part is that anyone can contribute.

Up until now the recordings have been available only on the OneHelloWorld site, but with new plans to create The Listener, a professional album of voicemails set to music, the composer has taken to Kickstarter to start fundraising to help pay for musicians, studio recording time and a press agent.

To find out more about the project, check out his Kickstarter video below:

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