Hilarious: Rain could corrupt your data in the Cloud, Indian official says [Video]

Hilarious: Rain could corrupt your data in the Cloud, Indian official says [Video]

Do you know why American executives do not allow sound recorders into a meeting room until an hour after the meeting has concluded?

Because the sound particles are floating in the room during that time and can be snapped up on a recorder by unscrupulous employees!

Do you know why cloud computing is dangerous?

Well, how will you ensure that the data does not get corrupted when it rains?!

Do you know why Americans destroy their phones after they are done using them?

We’d tell you, but that would ruin the fun of the former Indian income tax commissioner Vishwa Bandhu Gupta explaining it to you in the video embedded below. In what is the funniest video we have come across today, an absolutely clueless government employee explains to a hapless reporter such things as cloud computing, mobile phones and the way meetings are conducted in the United States.

We would never poke fun at someone simply for being technologically challenged, but when they take to the stage and proceed to confidently explain to others topics that they themselves have absolutely no freakin’ clue about, well, we think they give up the right to not be laughed at.

So, dear readers, hit Play on the video above and laugh to your heart’s content. If you have ever stopped to think about how batteries in mobile phones worked, you are about to find it out!

[Hat tip to reader Suhail for pointing us to this video and making our day.]

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