This amazing printer is literally too good to be true

This amazing printer is literally too good to be true

I think that printers, right before fax machines, might be the most annoying and hopefully soon-to-be obsolete pieces of technology on the planet. (Although, happy to hear your suggestions @CBM.)

But what is this?! The See What You Print printer is a concept “to bring the printer to the 21st century, by stripping it down of its cumbersomeness.” It’s amazing.

The issue with printers is not that we lack the necessary technology, but rather that the core design and usability issues have not been fully addressed. Traditional OEMs are making incremental improvements end up over-complicating what should be a simple process and producing over-bloated boxes that sit in our shelves.

So we decided to explore how to innovate printers.

Our initial design explorations yielded futuristic printer concepts such a “printing home hub,” a “Roomba printing device,” and other concepts that are 5-10 years out; but in the end we chose to focus our design work on a solution that that is near-term and breathes new life into this humble “peripheral” by radically simplifying it.


Check it out here:

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