Finland’s Nokia Angry Birds Championship [video]

Finland’s Nokia Angry Birds Championship [video]

Finland hosted its first ever Angry Birds Championship this past weekend that featured 32 finalists from 8 different Finnish cities.

Each round of the Angry Birds Championship pitted 2 players against each other until one player was left. The event was able to gather 2600 Angry Birds fans who competed for a position in the finals. The youngest of the 32 finalists was only 6 years old and reportedly borrowed his father’s Nokia smartphone to play. All of the participants played Angry Birds on Nokia N8 handsets so we’re assuming this was a requirement in order to win.

The championship was able to grab some local celebrities in Finland including Finnish popstar Kristiina Wheeler, pro snowboarder Eero Ettala and the winner of last year’s Miss Finland competition.

After a full day of pig-popping, a 19 year old named Jonas Koivula who’d said he’d been “Angry Birds” training during exams for the last 2 months took first place in the championship. The Finnish winner received free Nokia N8s and a trip to Hollywood all expenses paid.

Angry Birds, first released on the iOS platform has truly become a cultural phenomenon and it seems to have spread worldwide.

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