Real Future Store: the supermarket of the future.

Real Future Store: the supermarket of the future.

Supermarkets all around the world have been rather conservative on innovations. Why? Because the traditional means of selling works. There are however, the bold ones who would like to try out new concepts not only to attract more customers but to make the processes easier for the staff as well.

Check out this BBC feature on Real Future Store, a concept store in Germany where the biggest retailers try out the latest technologies and ideas on both the staff and the customers.

Using new concepts, ideas, concepts and new technologies, the company looks for ways to revolutionize the shopping experience. If it is good enough and the customers respond well to the ideas, it gets rolled out to other super markets. Pretty neat, huh?

If you have some awesome ideas on how to improve the supermarket experience, we’d like to hear them in the comments section.

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