Bluetooth Jewelry, Now Just $120,000!

Bluetooth Jewelry, Now Just $120,000!

BT NecklaceDo you take your dog for a walk inside your private jet? Is your definition of “frugal” buying only one Ferrari instead of two?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, you’re one of the few people that can afford the new line of Bluetooth jewelry brought to you by Novero.

This week at CES 2011, attendees will get a look (from afar I’m sure) at Novero’s Victoria Collection which hides a Bluetooth headset inside the necklace’s pendant. And they start at (slowly raising my pinky to my mouth) $120,000.  Can you imagine “misplacing” this baby? Whew.

Novero’s CEO and former Nokia employee, Razvan Olosu, will be at CES all week showing off and unveiling new BT jewelry as well as speaking about the company’s upcoming plans for 2011.

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