Attention Lady Gaga: your LED eyelashes have arrived

LED eyelashes

LED eyelashesWhen you hear the term “LED” (light-emitting diode), you most likely associate it with things like the LED flash on your phone or LED Christmas lights — but LED eyelashes–seriously?

At first glance, one would assume these are one of those fashion-before-health kind of devices. It’s similar to clubbing in 6-inch heels, you may break your neck but you’ll look seriously hot falling.  We can’t say these LED powered eyelashes will glean the same attention as a pair of sexy stilettos but they may be a cool accessory to accompany next year’s Halloween costume –a perfect match for a Lady Gaga uniform.

These unusual falsies work with the use of a mercury sensor inside the eyelashes that turn the LED lights on and off. Every lash is equipped with a thin wire that connects to an earpiece that gives the lashes their glamorous bling. It also appears to generate a flicker of light altered by the movement of the users head.

There are two things that are troubling here. For starters, my gut instinct tells me mercury next to your eyeball is crazy and secondly, constant flashes to the eyeball might have grave repercussions to your health. If these aren’t your style but you really want to light up a room, you could always try the LED dress instead.

SoomiPark, the designer of the lashes, have recently obtained a patent on the design as of this month. It’s a good thing because I’m sure a lot of companies were just dying to get these things into production (said in my most sarcastic tone). I’m interested to know, would you wear them?

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