W+K’s 156 person holiday dinner party hosted via Skype

W+K’s 156 person holiday dinner party hosted via Skype

“‘Tis the season for too much food and drunken face-to-face time,” says Wieden + Kennedy, an International advertising agency based in Portland, Oregon has offices around the world, including Amsterdam, London, New York, Tokyo, Shanghai and Delhi. Thinking that it would be a real shame if distance came between food and drunken face-to-face time, W+K hosted a holiday dinner in Amsterdam last week with friends and family via Skype. 156 people joined in from 6 continents to have dinner together last Wednesday and Thursday. The W+K Amsterdam team even created a facial tracking app that allows diners to control their doll by simply moving their face side to side.

Check out the video here:

Virtual Holiday Dinner from virtual holidaydinner on Vimeo.

(Good thing it wasn’t this Wednesday and Thursday considering Skype was down!)

via @amalucky + DigitalBuzz Blog

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