What happens when you put The Next Webbers in front of a camera [Photos]

What happens when you put The Next Webbers in front of a camera [Photos]

Just to warn in advance, this post is a departure from the standard Shareables content but very shareable nevertheless.

Some of you will know that I got engaged last year, fortunately I managed to make it to the wedding day and did in fact tie the knot last Sunday. One of the little things we did at the wedding was to slide in a photobooth, but no ordinary photobooth; limitless pictures, loads of props and you can use it very very drunk. :)

I was fortunate to have my (business) partners Boris & Patrick to hand and neither failed to disappoint.

Had to include this one in here because out of all 150+ people that attended, the only person to not realise you had 4 photos per “session” was my brother. Plonker.

Finally, and stepping away from the funny side of things, a video you really should see.

A few months before the wedding, Elizabeth (now my wife) stumbled upon the work of a man named Rupert Ward-Lewis who seemed to make short but sweet wedding videos, almost music videos. He only had a couple of them under his belt at the time but the quality of his workmanship was outstanding – you can watch a few here.

He has a new company called Iris Wedding Films and a twitter account @irisweddingfilm too (follow if video is your thing). Our 7 minute wedding video I’m sharing with you below. It’s honestly worth watching, not because I’m in it but because it truly is wonderful what you can do with a Canon Mark II and an eye for a detail these days.

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