Eduard “Trolololololo” Khil Speaks, Asks Fans To Write Lyrics

Eduard “Trolololololo” Khil Speaks, Asks Fans To Write Lyrics

Eduard Khil, the Russian singer behind the recent “Trolololololo” internet phenomenon, has released a video statement asking fans to write vocals to his song.

Khil, who sang the song “I Am So Happy to Finally Be Back Home” (better known as Trolololololo) in 1966, says that he is happy that so many people around the world have enjoyed the song. “Every country and even every human being,” says Khil, “has his own understanding of this song. And after you have all written words for this song…we’ll gather somewhere in the internet, every one of us…and we will all sing this song with new lyrics.”

I don’t know if we can do any better than your masterpiece, Mr. Khil. The video in question can be found after the jump.">

So tell us in the comments section, what would you sing about?

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