$1200 Will Get You One Mouse, Roll Over Apple

$1200 Will Get You One Mouse, Roll Over Apple

Fresh off of the news surrounding the Apple Magic Mouse, costing what some thought was an exorbitant 55 pounds, another mouse has landed that costs a touch more.

The “ID Mouse,” built by the Intelligent-Design design house, rings up at a budget cracking $1200 dollars. Apple now, for once, seems to be the cheap option.

The mouse is crafted from top grade titanium, resin, has two buttons, and a three button scroll wheel. All that and it’s pretty to boot. Of course, it lacks the multi-touch of the Magic Mouse, the Apple logo, and the cheap in comparison price tag of the Magic Mouse, but after you see just how pretty it is, you will want one all the same.

Oh, and it runs on all recent Windows builds and OSX, so you have no excuse not to buy one. Get on it!

mouse 1

mouse 2

mouse 3

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