WhatsApp debuts a new portal for all its security-related disclosure

WhatsApp debuts a new portal for all its security-related disclosure

WhatsApp has introduced a new portal today to have all of the app’s security disclosure in one place. Plus, it has also released a list of six previously undisclosed vulnerabilities that have been patched.

These patches include fixes for bugs that allowed hackers to send unsolicited images through malicious stickers, and to execute code after the receiver answer a video call. The company said no users were impacted by these bugs.

WhatsApp said this new page will help researchers to study WhatsApp‘s security architecture:

This advisory page provides a comprehensive list of WhatsApp security updates and associated Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE). Please note that the details included in CVE descriptions are meant to help researchers understand technical scenarios and do not imply users were impacted in this manner.

WhatsApp has faced some severe security problems in a couple of years. However, the most critical bug allowed hackers to install spyware through audio calls. That vulnerability was used by Israel-based NSO Group to spy on journalists and activists across the world. It even allowed hackers to get hold of Jeff Bezos’s phone and steal its content.

You can check out WhatsApp’s new security page here.

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