Microsoft rolls out Tamper Protection for Windows antivirus to keep hackers at bay

Microsoft rolls out Tamper Protection for Windows antivirus to keep hackers at bay
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft has officially announced the general availability of a new Tamper Protection feature for its Windows Defender Antivirus service.

The security feature is essentially meant to thwart any attempts made by cybercriminals to break the real-time anti-malware defenses incorporated in Windows.

In other words, tamper protection safeguards against “malicious and unauthorized changes to security features, ensuring that endpoint security doesn’t go down.”

The setting, which will be on by default for home users, can be accessed as follows:

  • In the search box on Taskbar, type and select the option Windows Security
  • Select Virus & threat protection
  • Select Virus & threat protection settings
  • Select Manage settings
  • Turn on/off Tamper Protection

It’s to be noted that you need to be an administrator in order to make the changes.

Microsoft originally launched Tamper Protection last December for Windows Insiders, the community devoted to testing pre-release builds of the operating system.

The Windows maker’s decision to roll out the feature comes as multiple Trojans, including Nodersok and banking malware TrickBot, have targeted PCs to disable Windows Defender and gain elevated system privileges.

“With this protection in place, customers can mitigate malware and threats that attempt to disable security protection features,” Microsoft said.

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