Report: Jeffrey Epstein wants to freeze his head and penis, seed the world with his DNA

Report: Jeffrey Epstein wants to freeze his head and penis, seed the world with his DNA
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Former financier and alleged sex-trafficker Jeffrey Epstein is an apparent transhumanist who hoped to seed the world with his DNA and have his head and penis cryonically preserved.

According to a report from the New York Times, Epstein spent decades cultivating connections within the science and technology communities. He rubbed elbows with Nobel laureates, big tech executives, and researchers from all over academia and hosted parties and dinners where scientific elites held discourse with him in hopes of scoring funding. But his interests allegedly lay outside the realms of normal scientific endeavor and in pseudoscience.

Reportedly, the accused rapist planned to propagate the human race with his sperm by turning his private New Mexico ranch into a eugenics compound. Per the Times‘ article:

Once, at a dinner at Mr. Epstein’s mansion on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Mr. Lanier said he talked to a scientist who told him that Mr. Epstein’s goal was to have 20 women at a time impregnated at his 33,000-square-foot Zorro Ranch in a tiny town outside Santa Fe. Mr. Lanier said the scientist identified herself as working at NASA, but he did not remember her name.

Eugenics, the same crap science that Hitler espoused as a method of ‘cleansing’ the human race has long been debunked and disproved. So it’s no surpise that Epstein’s also a fan of cryonics. According to the Times:

One adherent of transhumanism said that he and Mr. Epstein discussed the fiancier’s interest in cryonics, an unproven science in which people’s bodies are frozen to be brought back to life in the future. Mr. Epstein told this person that he wanted his head and penis to be frozen.

We won’t speculate as to why anyone would want to freeze their own disembodied head and penis. But even if cryonics were more than science fiction, it seems more likely that an intact body would make a better candidate for future thawing and resuscitation.

Epstein’s web appears to have included hundreds of people from across finance, politics, academia, science, and technology, but there’s so-far no evidence indicating that anyone actually helped him with these endeavors or even indulged his interest in them.

We’re likely to find out a lot more about Epstein and the people he associated with over the next year as he awaits his day in court though. His trial date hasn’t been set yet, but will likely commence in either June or September of 2020 – US District Court Judge Richard Berman today declined to set a tentative date as the prosecution and defense have yet to come to an agreement.

Jeffrey Epstein Hoped to Seed Human Race With His DNA on The New York Times

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