Firefox will now let you delete your collected data

Firefox will now let you delete your collected data

Firefox browser will now let you delete all data it collects in its upcoming version rolling out on January 7. The company is taking this step to comply with The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which came into effect on January 1. 

The new act — akin to Europes General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) — gives a right to people in California to know and control personal data collected by websites.

While CCPA will give folks in California more command over their data, Firefox’s new change will roll out to all users of its browser.

In a blog post, Firefox said it already collect very little data about its users. It does take note of how many tabs are open and how long sessions are, but with the update, you’ll be able to delete that too:

As a rule, Firefox already collects very little of your data. In fact, most of what we receive is to help us improve the performance and security of Firefox. We call this telemetry data. This telemetry doesn’t tell us about the websites you visit or searches you do; we just know general information, like a Firefox user had a certain amount of tabs opened and how long their session was.

We’ve decided to go the extra mile and expand user deletion rights to include deleting this telemetry data stored in our systems.

Make sure to update your Firefox browser on January 7 and check out our Basics section for a guide on how to delete your data from Firefox.

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