I just applied for a job at Donald Trump’s administration and you can too

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In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Republican National Committee Chief Strategist Sean Spicer took a moment to brag ‘almost 50,000’ people have appied online to fill the four thousand presidential appointee openings in the Donald Trump administration.

But I’m starting to think not all of them were real…

As Gavia Baker-Whitelaw has pointed out, all it takes to express your interest in joining the Trump administration is “about 30 seconds” of your time since the application form his team set up somehow has absolutely no email or address verification system.

As of now, the application form accepts just about any input for required fields – as long as you stick to the correct character limits, at least.

What makes it particularly easy to apply is that filling in details like your past working experience as well as your motivation for the job is merely optional. I guess the desire to assist Trump is enough of a qualification on its own – as well as a definitive proof of clarity of soul and mind.

I decided to put Trump’s application system to the test and submitted my own resume through the website.

Immediately upon completing the form, I was taken to a page that personally acknowledged my interest in serving the new President-elect with a well-thought out ‘thank you’ message; I also received a response thanking me for my interest in ‘making America great again’ – signed by the President-elect himself. Oh, how special I felt!


But not for long.

Turns out the ‘thank you’ response was a sham. The application form is so sloppy it has a dedicated ‘thank you’ page you can access without even applying – and sharing ‘successful application’ screenshots  has since become my preferred method of triggering liberals. You should try it too.


Eager to help Donald Trump in his ruthless battle against China and its booming economy? Prove your worth and apply for a chance to join the Republican’s squad here.

Or take the shortcut and snap a few fake ‘successful application’ screenshots here in case you don’t feel like going through all the hassle of actually applying.

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