Trump Minus Four retweets what Trump said at this time four years ago

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Newly crowned Republican candidate Donald Trump will soon enter the White House to become the next President of the US. But prior to his thunderous foray into politics, the President-elect was yet another high-profile businessman who would frequently share his not-so-presidential opinions on Twitter.

Thanks to an anonymous hero, now you can see what the new President-elect routinely pondered over while he was still in the business of firing people on TV. Trump Minus Four is a hilarious Twitter bot that echoes what the Republican was tweeting about at this exact time four years ago.

You know, things like the divisive effect of the election as well as government officials struggling to find a way to work together:

As well as the usual preoccupation with China’s prosperous economy:

Recently, Trump’s old tweets came to haunt him after he came under fire for critiquing the inefficiency of the electoral college system – around the time Obama was elected back in 2012. Ironically, it was precisely the electoral vote that clinched the win for Trump after he lost the popular vote by a small margin.

The new President-elect has been outspoken on social media consistently throughout his presidential campaign. Reports indicated Trump’s social media presence was among the decisive factors that helped the Republican edge out opposing candidate Hillary Clinton.

In a recent interview, Trump advocated the use of platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but pointed out his approach on social media will be much more “restrained” once he takes on his new position as the next President of the US. I guess it’s for the best.

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Trump Minus Four on Twitter

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