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This handy site tells you if specific apps work on Apple Silicon yet

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Apple Silicon has taken the tech world by storm. Whether it’s people learning about the architecture of the new M1 chip, its performance benchmarks, or even Linus Torvalds wanting to run Linux on the machines, Apple’s new hardware is the talk of the town.

Despite things going as smoothly as in Apple’s wildest dreams most users still have a pressing question: do their favorite apps work on Apple Silicon yet?

Thankfully, the beautiful genius that is Abdullah Diaa has put together a website to answer that query. So, everyone, please say hello to Is Apple silicon ready?

The idea behind the site is simple: it shows you if specific apps will work on laptops and desktops with Apple’s in-house chip. Easy to get your head around, right?

It shows you a list of software and, if they have native M1 support, they’re given a green tick. Here’s an image that shows you what’s going on far clearer than lots of words could:

is apple silicon ready and will your favorite appes work on Apple Silicon
Here, the page is ordered by last update, making it easy to see which companies are getting onboard the Apple Silicon train.

As you can see, the site also shows you if the app you’re after has Rosetta 2 support. Effectively, Rosetta 2 is an emulator, allowing a large number of apps designed for Intel machines to run on Apple Silicon. If this is supported, you will still be able to use that software on an M1-toting machine.

You know what? God bless Is Apple silicon ready? — it’s an amazing website that should make purchasing decisions a lot simpler.

As exciting as the M1 chip and all its speed is, it’s pretty pointless for you to run and grab a machine if the software you use for work isn’t supported. In this environment, a site like this that shows you simply if your favorite apps work on Apple Silicon is worth its weight in gold. (Yeah, technically, the website doesn’t really weigh anything, but you get what I’m sauying).

Anyway, that’s enough of that. All that’s left to say is go and visit Is Apple silicon ready? if you’re thinking about picking up a new M1 machine. You’d be silly not to.

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Published November 24, 2020 — 08:18 UTC