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Apple Stores will avoid Watch and AirPod try-ons due to coronavirus

You don't want those germs in your ears


Coronavirus has deeply affected the tech industry, but it’s also making its impact in more subtle ways. Case in point: According to Business Insider, Apple has told Apple Store employees to stop encouraging customers to try on products like the Apple Watch and AirPods.

Business Insider cites “sources familiar with the matter.” Though Apple Stores will still let you try out these devices if asked, it won’t be offering the opportunity willy-nilly. In addition, the report claims the company has reduced the number of chairs and stools in its stores to promote distance between customers. It has also boosted cleaning staff and installed hand sanitizer stations in stores, while employees can take sick leave without it affecting their usual allotment.

Apple Store employees at its outlet in Antara, Mexico
Credit: Apple
Apple Store employees at its outlet in Antara, Mexico

An Apple spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider that the company was taking steps to limit crowding, although they did not specify whether try-ons were included in the measures. The report says it’s “unclear if all Apple Stores have implemented this policy,” but it’s clear the company is taking steps to minimize the spread of the pandemic.

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In Italy, the company went so far as to close all 17 of its stores. In that case, it was complying with a national order to only leave essential public businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies open.

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Published March 12, 2020 — 04:17 UTC

on Business Insider