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CHEAP: Dance to the rhythm of your own Beats with $170 off the Solo3

Apple has made Beats cool again

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Price $ 129.99 ProductBeats Solo3 by Apple

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

I’m not a fan of wearing headphones in public, because I’m a notorious grinch. I don’t take pleasure in the little things in life, music being one of them. A melody can never defreeze my wretched soul. But this 60-percent discount on the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones warms up my heart.

Yeah, you heard that right. There’s currently a sweet deal on the Solo3. You can grab a pair for just $129.99 — $170 off the original list price of $300. You’ll also get a stylish carry-case to store them in. Pretty sweet.

Some of my colleagues haven’t always been the biggest fans of Beats, but its headphones have seemingly improved tons since Apple acquired them.

Not only do they sound great these days, but the Solo3 now can last up to 40 hours, thanks to Apple‘s W1 chip. And when you run out of juice, you can get another three hours of life by charging the cans for just five minutes. WOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

beats solo3 wireless headphones folding
Just look ow neatly the Beats Solo3 wireless headphones fold away into a travel-sized package.

Level with me for a moment. We all know $300 is a ridiculous price for a piece of audiogear that doesn’t come with noise canceling, but at 60 percent off — that’s hardly a factor anymore. The matter of fact is, the Solo3 will sound better than a lot of alternatives in the same price bracket.

Yes, active noise canceling would’ve made this deal better, but if you’re not hellbent on it, you can get a killer discount on the Solo3 right now. Plus you can pick them up in six different colors, including matte black, gloss black, matte gold, matte silver, or citrus red.

Is that you? Then save $170 and grab Beats Solo3 by clicking here. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.

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Published November 15, 2019 — 07:34 UTC

Price $ 129.99 ProductBeats Solo3 by Apple