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Sonos now offers 30 percent off new products for recycling some old ones

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Sonos is now making it cheaper for fans to upgrade to newer models while helping you be eco-friendly. The company today announced a new ‘trade up‘ program that offers existing Sonos users a 30 percent discount to buy a new speaker if they recycle an eligible older model.

It works like this: Sign in to your Sonos account and go to the Trade Up tab. Once you confirm the device you’re recycling, you’ll receive your discount. Your old device will then go into a ‘Recycle Mode’ after 21 days. This will clear the device of all data and permanently deactivate it.

While you can ship the devices back to Sonos with a pre-paid shipping label, the company suggests you instead take the device to a certified local recycler or a participating retailer. The latter two options are better for the environment.

The models currently eligible for trade in are the Connect, Connect:Amp, ZP80, ZP90, ZP100, ZP120 and the first generation Play:5. As a nice touch, you don’t simply get a discount for the newest version of a particular product; you can trade in an old Connect and still get a 30 percent discount on the new Play:5, for instance.

Moreover, you get a 30 percent discount for every product you replace, and you can use your discount at Sonos‘ website, at a participating retailer, or through an authorized Sonos installer.

It’s a gesture of good will from a company that tends to support its old tech longer than most. You can of course always ‘recycle’ your product by simply selling it, but the trade-up program is a welcome incentive to dissuade people from throwing out their old units. For more information on the program, head over to the source link below.

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Published October 30, 2019 — 16:13 UTC

Price $ 399 ProductMove by Sonos
Sonos Trade Up Program on Sonos