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CHEAP: Screw Google’s Pixel 4 — there’s 39% off the 3XL

A good phone from last year is still a good phone today

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Price $ 551 Product64GB Pixel 3XL by Google

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

Phone upgrades are an odd one. There are very few thousand-dollar items that we’d happily replace each year. Yet, here we are. Stuck in a loop. Buying the freshest and new devices every 12 months.

But, for the savvy amongst us, this upgrade cycle can be a wonderful thing. Just think about Google‘s Pixel 3 range.

These phones were only released last October, but the Pixel 4 devices are just round the corner. Now, this new release doesn’t make the Pixel 3 a bad phone — quite the opposite in fact. It still has one of the best cameras on the market and a slick, refined operating system.

What the upcoming release of the Pixel 4 has done though is push the price down on Google‘s earlier phones. It makes sense: there are most likely tens of thousands of handsets Google needs to shift ahead of its new devices hitting the streets.

Which is why we’re recommending this wonderful deal on a 64GB Google Pixel 3XL. While the phone used to retail for $899, you can now pick it up from Amazon for only $551.06. That is a 39 percent saving, which amounts to $347.94 in actual money. Which, friends, is enough money to take a small weekend trip.

Because I’m nice, here’s a video about the Google Pixel 3 range:

So, why is it worth going for the Pixel 3? Well, if you’re looking for a reliable phone with a great camera and an unrivaled version of Android, the 64GB Google Pixel 3XL is for you. While the 64GB of storage isn’t a huge amount, Google will store all your photos on the cloud for free, so you can save a lot of space that way.

Sure, the Pixel 4 will probably have some cool new features, but is it worth paying double for the price for some elements of the phone you probably won’t use? Well, that’s up to you, I guess.

All I can say is that the 64GB Google Pixel 3XL is a rock solid phone that will still last you for a few years, and is totally worth a shout if you’re looking for a bargain.

Interested? You can pick up the 64GB Google Pixel 3XL for $551 dollars over at Amazon here. Enjoy!

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Published October 14, 2019 — 08:16 UTC

Price $ 551 Product64GB Pixel 3XL by Google