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Moog’s retro Matriarch analog synth is now shipping


Few names are as recognizable in the synthesizer market as Moog, a company that’s been helping musicians make futuristic beeps and boops since the 60s. So when the company has a new flagship model hitting shelves, synth fans’ ears will tend to perk up.

Moog announced the $1,999 Matriarch, the top-end model of its semi-modular synth lineup, a few months ago. It’s finally begun shipping to customers, already arriving at the doorsteps of some of the folks who’ve pre-ordered. Moog says production is “in full swing.”

You can watch the Matriarch in action in the video below, featuring composer Lisa Bella Donna:

Moog says the circuitry on the Matriarch is based on Robert Moog’s original designs. As with the popular Moog Grandmother, the semi-modular design strikes a balance between being easy to use and letting musicians create a wide array of sounds. The Matriarch uses a completely analog signal path full of knobs and patch cables – not everything needs a touchscreen. It comes with 4-note paraphony as well as built-in sequencers, arpeggiators, stereo ladder filters, and stereo analog delay.

If that all means gibberish to you, don’t fret. Part of the fun of synthesizers is just messing with knobs and patches and hearing what comes out, though you might want to start with a cheaper model like the $899 Grandmother.

If the Matriarch tickles your fancy, it’s available from select stores now for $1,999; you can check out the list of dealers here.

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Published September 10, 2019 — 16:07 UTC