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CHEAP: Watch your shitty reality TV on full blast with $42 off Anker’s Soundcore Infini soundbar

Better audio for under $60? Sign us up.

CHEAP Anker Soundcore Infini Soundbar
Price $ 58 ProductSoundcore Infini by Anker

I’ve said before that I love me a good soundbar. What’s not to love about a speaker that can upgrade your TV viewing experience with significantly better sound, while taking up minimal space?

That’s why I’m excited to share today’s deal with you. Anker – which manufactures high-quality tech accessories and audio gear – also makes a soundbar, and it’s dirt-cheap right now at just $58 on Amazon in the US.

The Soundcore Infini is 2.1 channel affair, and it packs dual subwoofers and two bass ports in its slim 35-inch-long case. It can be mounted on the wall or simply placed beneath your TV, and should fit in nicely below any display that’s 42 inches or larger.

Anker's Soundcore Infini soundbar is right at home beneath your TV, or mounted on the wall
Credit: Anker
Anker’s Soundcore Infini soundbar is right at home beneath your TV, or mounted on the wall

You can connect your TV to it via an included optical cable, an AUX input (using an RCA-to-3.5mm cable that comes in the box), or via digital coaxial input. Oh, and there’s also Bluetooth support for pairing with your phone or tablet. There’s also a remote for controlling volume and switching between Movie, Music, and Dialogue modes, depending on what you’re in the mood for.

Anker‘s products are generally well reviewed, and we’ve loved the ones we’ve tried here at TNW. If you’re looking to enjoy better audio on the cheap than what your TV can deliver, this looks like a good way to go. Pick it up for just $58 on Amazon US by clipping the coupon on the product page (check the box under the product title, and the lower price will reflect at checkout).

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Published September 9, 2019 — 06:13 UTC

Price $ 58 ProductSoundcore Infini by Anker