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Video: Could we spot the difference between fake AirPods and the real thing? Absolutely

Turns out $5 headphones aren't as good as $160 ones — who knew?

Ah, AirPods. If you’ve been in a city at any point in the past two years you’ll have seen them slammed deep into the ears of, well, everyone.

Apple’s earbuds have been so successful they’ve moved beyond being only a music accessory, instead morphing into a fashion statement in themselves.

There’s an issue. A glaring, painful one: these things don’t come cheap. AirPods retail for $160, which is a fair whack of cash if all you want is to be cool.

And therein lies the problem — what choice does someone have if they want to be AirPod-trendy, but are adverse to spending loads of money?

Well, whip back the curtains, turn on the walkout music, and enter

If you’re unaware of the site (which would be bizarre, because they’re advertise everywhere on the internet), it’s an ecommerce platform that’s most famous for selling cheap, knock-off versions of popular products.

And you know what? There are a lot of fake AirPods on there. So, we did the only thing we could: bought a pair and put them through their paces.

Want to know how we got on with our fake AirPods? Well, you’re gonna have to watch the video above. Enjoy!

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Published September 3, 2019 — 08:48 UTC