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Samsung will reportedly launch a foldable luxury clamshell next year

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold phone is set to launch this month. However, there are rumors suggesting the company might be working on a second luxury foldable already. According to a report by Bloomberg, the Korean tech giant is working on a clamshell phone which folds inwards.

The report notes that the device will have a 6.7-inch screen that “collapses into a square.” It will apparently use cutting edge screen tech and will have a hole punch display to accommodate the selfie camera.

Samsung has reportedly paired up with famed American designer Thom Browne – known for self-branded fashion wear – to create a phone that has better fashion appeal and nostalgic value. Bloomberg notes that because of the 6.7-inch display, the device will be able to run Android apps in the native state, without any modification for the foldable form factor.

Apart from this, the company is already working on the Galaxy Fold’s successor which will be cheaper and thinner. So that makes three foldables for the Korean giant, before the category has seen any success

If Samsung decides to launch a clamshell phone, it’ll have to face competition from Motorola’s rumored foldable refresh of the famous Moto Razr and a possible Google phone. I dig it!

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Published September 3, 2019 — 12:34 UTC