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CHEAP: A Sonos PLAY:1 speaker AND a charging stand for $179? Hnnngg

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Price $ 179 ProductPLAY:1 and illuminated charging stand by Sonos

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

Sorry? What did you say? You use wires to listen to music? Oh my god, I hope you’re okay.

While it’s certainly fine to plug your bits of hardware into each other to play tunes — this is a judgement-free(ish) zone — it’s much better to not bother with that. Instead, you should be sending your glorious sounds through the air before they reach your ears by going through the air in a different way.

In other words, air is the present and the future.

Interested in getting in on this wireless music world? Then the simplest way is probably through Sonos. A company you’ll have definitely heard of.

Whether you’ve looking to add more Sonos units into your system, or want to get started, we have wonderful a deal for you: a Sonos PLAY:1 and a Flexson illuminated charging stand for only $179. That’s a $70 (or 28 percent) saving.

sonos play1 and flexson charging stand bedside
This could be your life if you went and bought this speaker. Imagine that for a moment.

Now, onto the Sonos PLAY:1. This simple-to-use wireless speaker pumps out crystal clear sound at a powerful volume. Whenever I’ve used the tech (we actually have them around TNW’s office), I’ve always been impressed. The audio is balanced, and makes listening to music fun.

Plus, you can control the Sonos PLAY:1 using only your phone or computer. It’s the future, yo.

The Flexson illuminated charging stand also looks like a damn cool bit of kit. Basically, your Sonos PLAY:1 sits on top of it, meaning your fancy new speaker doesn’t need to touch the filthy earth. The Flexson hardware also doubles up as a light (giving you a tasty ambient glow), and has two powered USB slots — something you can use to charge whatever other devices you have hanging around.

So, if you’re wanting to cut the wires out of your life and move into the future, now’s the time. Pick up a Sonos PLAY:1 and a Flexson illuminated charging stand for only $179 right here.

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Published August 31, 2019 — 12:01 UTC

Price $ 179 ProductPLAY:1 and illuminated charging stand by Sonos