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CHEAP: Hit peak performance with Fitbit’s Ionic watch for just $199.95 ($50 off)

Your heart (rate) will love it

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Price $ 199.95 ProductIonic watch by Fitbit

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

Research has shown that working out at your optimum heart rate will not only improve your overall health, but also deliver the most effective performance gains.

And what better way to measure your heart beat than with a specialized fitness tracker – like Fitbit‘s Ionic watch, which also happens to be on discount right now? Isn’t that a wonderful coincidence?

You can save a full $50 by taking advantage of this offer and purchasing a Fitbit Ionic for just $199.95 (20 percent off its original listing price of $249.95).

Here are a few more reasons why you might want to get yourself a new Ionic:

  • Water resistance up to 50 meters, so it’ll be be safe from splashes and rain
  • It comes with GPS, so you can forget about getting lost during long, aimless runs
  • Its battery lasts pretty long – up to 5 days on a single charge
  • NFC support, so you can easily cop a protein shake (or whatever is your supplement of choice) at the end of your workouts
  • All that, and the Ionic also looks much better in person than in the renders

While I haven’t personally tried the Ionic, my colleague Napier Lopez tested it out and was delighted by the accuracy of its built-in heart rate monitor. He also called it “Fitbit’s best tracker ever.” That’s an endorsement I wouldn’t glaze over.

Don’t wait for too long though: this offer is only valid until July 20, so hurry up. Make a smart call, get yourself the Fitbit Ionic now by clicking here. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.

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Published July 20, 2019 — 10:00 UTC

Price $ 199.95 ProductIonic watch by Fitbit