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CHEAP: Spy on your sneaky infant with 34% off the Arlo Baby Monitor

How is babby formed?

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Price $ 132,99 ProductSmart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor by Arlo

Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP!

While many creatures in the animal kingdom are born ready to take on the world, humans are not. A foal can stand-up and walk around within an hour of birth. But human babies? Those podgy meatsacks literally take years before they can walk around. And when that eventually happens, the little people have so little self-awareness or regard for danger, you’re shocked humanity exists at all.

Unsurprisingly, this is terrifying. When there are so many menacing things in the world, how are you meant to keep your stupid offspring safe? Well, we have an answer: the Arlo Baby Monitor.

Oh, and did we forget to say it’s currently on offer? That you can get 34 percent off its list price? A whole $67 from how much it’s normally sold at? Making it only $133? Thank the lord for that.

Tell me about the Arlo Baby Monitor

Well, it’s a pretty futuristic bit of kit. It has a 1080p camera (so you can stare at your infant), a two-way audio system (so you can have a chat with your baby), and night vision (so you can pretend you’re on a SWAT team charged with the protection of your child).

On top of that, the Arlo Baby Monitor also has a selection of things called “Smart Nursery Features.” Yeah, go figure. Basically, this means it can function as a colorful night light and play lullabies. Uh, woo?

It’s also a smart device, meaning it hooks up with the other connected items in your house and can be controlled from Amazon’s Alexa, the Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant. Or, probably more usefully, you can also manage the device from your phone.

And if anything goes wrong? Well, the Arlo Baby Monitor will send notifications straight to your mobile.

If you’ve been looking on a modern device to help you care for your child – or want to get a cool present for someone else’s kid – look no further than the Arlo Baby Monitor. With a 34 percent discount, you get a lot of fancy tech rammed into a funky looking device. Grab your very own Arlo Baby Monitor for $133 here.

Sleep well, sweet child.

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Published May 20, 2019 — 12:51 UTC

Price $ 132,99 ProductSmart Wi-Fi Baby Monitor by Arlo