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Samsung’s clever new monitor frees up desk space without a wall mount

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Price $ 499 ProductSR75 4K UHD Space Monitor by Samsung

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is just around the corner, and announcements of new products have already started to roll in, including a bunch of high-end monitors from Samsung. But among the lot, the Space Monitor that can be attached to your desk with a clamp seems particularly intriguing.

The minimally designed screen can sit at the edge of your desk, so as to make room for all your other stuff. It can also rest its back on a wall behind it. And because it only needs to clamp onto your desk, you don’t need to drill holes in the wall or use a wall mount – making the Space Monitor a compelling choice for people with testy landlords.

It also has a flexible arm to position the monitor close to you right on your desk, or as far back against the wall as you like, as shown below.

The power and HDMI cables are routed through the back of the stand, which helps reduce clutter on your desk. Plus, the stand merges into the monitor’s slim bezel when you position it against the wall.

That sure beats the hassle of wall-mounting your monitor – and it also makes it easy to move to another desk at any time.

Samsung will release two variants of the Space Monitor: a 27-inch QHD model and a 32-inch UHD (4K) model. According to the company’s pre-order page, they’re priced $399 and $499 respectively. Additionally, its Amazon listing suggests that the monitor will be released on February 23. You can read more about the Space Monitor here.

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Published January 4, 2019 — 05:22 UTC

Price $ 499 ProductSR75 4K UHD Space Monitor by Samsung