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Moment’s OnePlus 6 cases turn it into a mini DSLR

Interchangeable lenses on your smartphone

OnePlus 6 Moment

I’ve begrudgingly come to accept that smartphones are now as good as DSLRs and mirrorless camera for many kinds of everyday photography, but they can’t compete when it comes to lens choices. You’re stuck with whatever field of view your phone came with, limiting the versatility of your gear.

Companies like Moment have tried to mitigate this problem by making add-on lenses and compatible cases for various smartphones. So far, Moment has made lens cases Apple, Samsung, and Google devices, but today it’s added a third: OnePlus.

Note that Moment is starting with the OnePlus 6, not the newer OnePlus 6T, but the company plans to support the latter by February. The lenses are the same as available on other devices, including a new 58mm telephoto lens, an 18mm wide-angle lens, and fish-eye, anamorphic, and macro options.

I’m glad to see Moment broaden its portfolio, but perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise. OnePlus has recently made big strides in the photography department and has a dedicated community of power-users. It’s another sign OnePlus is becoming a more mainstream brand by the day.

In related news, Moment also released a new version of its video app for iOS. It includes an impressive suite of video tools for $4.99, including real-time waveforms, an RGB histogram, bitrate options, dual-channel audio meters, and color profiles. It’s iOS only for now, but Android is on the way.

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Published December 11, 2018 — 22:46 UTC