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This Day in Deals: A weed vape for toasting important trade treaties


TDID 31:10
Price $ 150 ProductMIQRO by DaVinci

This Day In Deals is our new section where we share a historical fact and the day’s best deal – and try to connect them. The aim? To enrich ourselves financially, and you spiritually.

Ever looked at something and thought “I wish this was more expensive?” No? Then you need to get down on your knees and thank GATT.

“What’s GATT?” I hear you say. Well, it’s the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, of course!

It was signed by 23 countries on 30th October 1947 in Geneva, precisely 71 years ago. Its purpose was to get nations to promote international trade, something it achieved by reducing or getting rid of tariffs and fees.

And it worked. GATT remained in effect until 1994, where it was replaced by the World Trade Organization – or WTO to the cool kids. In the end, trade tariffs were lowered and items all over the world got cheaper for consumers.

In my mind, there’s only one correct way to celebrate this example of international unity: by blazing a fatty and holding it up to the sky.

Or – because it’s 2018, dammit – you should raise your vape to the heavens instead. And what better vape to do that with than the new Davinci MIQRO?

It’s the small version of the Davinci IQ – a weed vape that we loved when we reviewed it. The MIQRO is 33 percent smaller than the IQ, but still has an oven with adjustable temperatures. This means you can heat up your marijuana to a precise level, getting you the exact level of high you want to be.

Yes, it’s $150, but can you imagine how much more expensive it’d be without GATT? If there were more tariffs? Higher fees? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

So, after 71 years of reducing trade barriers, raise your vape to the sky, and smoke on some of the sweet herb that unites us all.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, you’ve made it much easier for this chump to get high.

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Published October 31, 2018 — 10:25 UTC

Price $ 150 ProductMIQRO by DaVinci