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RHA’s TrueConnect headphones are set to challenge Apple’s AirPods

RHA usually delivers on both sound and design


RHA is one of relatively few headphone makers that caters as much to mainstream audiences as to hardcore audiophiles. You could see that duality in action the past month. Just a few weeks after releasing the its flagship $899 earbuds aimed at the enthusiast community, the company is today announcing its first pair of ‘true wireless’ earbuds.

Called the RHA TrueConnect, the headphones look like a mashup of traditional earbuds and Apple’s AirPods.

Here are the relevant specs:

  • 6mm dynamic driver
  • 20-20,000Hz frequency response
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB-C charging case with fast charging
  • 5 hours battery life + 20 hours in the case
  • IPX5 weather resistant
  • Siri and Google Assistant support
  • 3-year warranty
  • $170

The stem design helps improve call quality, and likely helps these achieve one of the best battery life claims we’ve seen on true wireless buds. Aside from the 5 hours of continuous playback, you have four full charges available in the carrying case. I also appreciate the inclusion of USB-C and fast charging here; RHA says the earbuds can reach 50 percent with just 15 minutes in their case.

While I’ve had positive experience with the various RHA products I’ve tried so far, I’m a little concerned there’s no mention of AptX or AAC codecs for high quality Bluetooth transmission. While the standard SBC codec can theoretically sound good if very well implemented, I’ve yet to hear a headphone that does SBC well.

The proof is in the pudding. We’ll be spending some time with the headphones soon, so stay tuned for our review. If you’re already hooked though, you can pre-order the TrueConnect for $170 from RHA’s website now. The earbuds will ship October 18.

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Published October 5, 2018 — 02:42 UTC