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Haiku Review: Real Shades’ computer glasses

Protecting your eyes with a 5-7-5

Real shades haiku
Price $ 24,99 ProductScreen Shades by Real Shades

Welcome to Haiku Review, a feature where we review gear and gadgets using the Japanese poetry form.

This time we’re looking at Real Shades’ computer glasses, Screen Shades. Suitable for adults and children, they protect users’ sight spheres with a yellow plastic lens that blocks 65 percent blue light – you know, the stuff that electronics emit that hurts some people’s eyes.

Here’s a picture of Hard Fork editor and all round Good Guy, Mix, giving them a spin

Let’s get down and dirty with this haiku then:


They don’t snap – I tried.

Headache, but no dry red eyes.

Everything’s pee shade.


If you have problems with computer screens and want you see the world in a urine-tint, you can grab yourself a pair of Real Shades’ computer glasses here.

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Published September 6, 2018 — 11:16 UTC

Price $ 24,99 ProductScreen Shades by Real Shades