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You can now buy Snapchat Spectacles on Amazon

Snapchat spectacles amazon

If you’ve wanted to buy Snap’s Spectacles but can’t bear the thought of waiting more than two days for shipping, now’s your chance. The Snapchat-video-recording glasses have recently shown up on Amazon, available in a multitude of colors for $130.

Spetacles were originally only available at special yellow kiosks, but they’ve since been sold on Snap’s website. Yet even after all these months, Snapchat gives an estimated delivery date of 5-10 days, so Amazon is probably your best bet if you want the glasses in just a day or two.

That’ll let Spectacles reach a much wider audience, which will help Snap differentiate itself from the myriad of apps copying it’s vertical photos format. Personally, I feel like the Spectacles novelty has worn off, but maybe Snapchat will have some new ideas up its sleeve once the glasses reach more people.

Published July 18, 2017 — 17:19 UTC

Spectacles by Snap Inc. on Amazon